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Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

A client approached Concrete Polishing looking for commercial polished concrete floors at their property in Suffolk. The area was to be a car showroom to display high-end classic cars. The client’s main objectives were an easily maintainable floor, slip-resistant and resistant to spillages. And of course aesthetically pleasing. Polished concrete floors, therefore, met all the client’s objectives. This, therefore, is the client’s first choice for their flooring.

The clients chosen type of finish was the Exposed Aggregate Finish. This is where aggregate is exposed to the surface. Concrete Polishing was asked by the client to mechanically diamond polish the floor. A different contractor had laid the floor. Contractors began by heavily grinding the area, this is necessary to expose the aggregate. This therefore also eliminates any imperfections that may have occurred when placing the floor. Once contractors completed the heavy grinding process, the mechanical diamond polishing process can therefore start. Contractors complete several stages in this process, and they can reach a certain gloss level. Contractors can then start to apply a sealer to the area. This aids with slip resistance and stain resistance. The final stage of the polishing process.


commercial polished concrete floor Classic Car Garage Polished Concrete Floor


Commercial polished concrete floors created by Concrete Polishing in Suffolk. The results speak for themselves, all in all, an exceptional result! Furthermore, all of our client’s expectations were met using the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system.


Location: Suffolk

Setting: Commercial, Car Showroom

Finish: Exposed Aggregate Finish

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


If you have any queries about an upcoming project or a current one, please do not hesitate to call, 01691 655755 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, please visit our gallery where other work can be seen.


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Polished Concrete Floor Gloucestershire

Polished Concrete Floor Gloucestershire

Our client approached Concrete Polishing. They wanted a polished concrete floor at their wedding venue in Gloucestershire. The client was wanting to convert an out barn on their estate into a wedding reception or hospitality area. The overall concept was to keep the flooring style in line with the rustic feeling of the barn, therefore our Rustic Style Finish polished concrete floor was the best option. Due to the venue hosting parties, our client was looking for a flooring option that was low maintenance. Slip resistant and stain resistant. A polished concrete floor furfilled all of these points.

The existing concrete floor was laid by a different company. Contractors had finished the floor to a substandard power float. Therefore in places the floor was uneven. Contractors began by completing a series of lighter grinding steps. This therefore highlighted the natural movement of the power trowel marks and creating a rustic style finish. For contractors to achieve a rustic style polished concrete floor, it is unnecessary for heavy grinding. Therefore no aggregate is exposed. The final stage that contractors complete after the grinding steps is applying a concrete sealer. Contractors then used the concrete sealer, and as a result, this, therefore, aids with protection from spillages and slip resistance. All main objectives that our client had.


polished concrete floor gloucestershire


Contractors achieved the polished concrete floor in Gloucestershire using the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system throughout.



Overall, the reults were exceptional. Concrete Polishing were therefore able to hand over a fully functional polished concrete floor to our client. All objectives had been met, within allocated time and budget.


polished concrete floor gloucestershire polished concrete floor gloucestershire


Location: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Setting: Commercial

Finish: Rustic Style Finish


Please feel free to visit our gallery or alternatively call 01691 655 755. Where one of our team will be happy to help accordingly.



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Commercial Polished Concrete – Merseyside

Commercial Polished Concrete – Merseyside

Concrete Polishing was approached by a client that was wanting to restore their premises in Liverpool, Merseyside. The client was turning the premises into a restaurant. They had looked at many types of floor covering. However, polished concrete was definitely their first choice for the premises in Merseyside.

Contractors had to meet objectives due to this being a restaurant and constant foot flow. These included, slip resistance, stain resistance and easily maintained. And, of course, aesthetically pleasing. Our client felt that a polished concrete floor would meet all of these objectives.



A different contractor had laid the concrete to a good standard. The clients chosen type of finish was the Exposed Aggregate Finish. The type of finish that the client wanted was achieved by firstly carrying out a heavy grind. This, therefore, exposes the aggregate. Post this process, the contractors begin the mechanical diamond polishing process. Contractors then added the concrete sealer to the surface after the polishing process was complete. The sealer is a big factor in making sure that the client’s main objectives are met. These being slip resistance and stain resistance.


Polished Concrete Floor Restaurant Liverpool Polished Concrete Floor Restaurant Liverpool


The commercial polished concrete floor in Merseyside was created using the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system and tooling.

Undoubtedly, the aesthetics were stunning! Furthermore, we were able to hand over to our client a fully functional floor. Concrete Polishing met all criteria to an exceptionally high standard. All completed on time and within the clients budget.


Polished Concrete Floor Restaurant Liverpool Polished Concrete Floor Restaurant Liverpool


Well done team on the amazing results on this commercial polished concrete floor in Liverpool, Merseyside.


Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

Setting: Commercial, Restaurant

Finish: Exposed Aggregate Finish

System used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


In addition to this project take a look at previous projects, that Concrete Polishing has done. Also, please visit our gallery. Email or call us 01691 655755.



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