Eco-Friendly Polished Concrete Flooring

January 29th, 2024 at 5:04 pm

Polished concrete is considered an Eco-friendly flooring choice.

In the majority of cases concrete is made up of natural ingredients. The life span of a polished concrete floor if treated with basic maintenance can last 15+ years. The concrete can then be recycled, producing new aggregates.

A major advantage that polished concrete flooring has over other flooring choices is its sustainability. Polished concrete floors also use less energy to maintain, and they create a naturally light environment.

Also, an additional major benefit of polished concrete is that it offers a dust free surface. You will find it does not accommodate or absorb foreign substances like other flooring options do.  a huge benefit when deciding on your flooring option.

To summarise, a polished concrete floor can be created by mechanically polishing the concrete surface, this creates an aesthetically pleasing, durable long lasting flooring option that is environmentally friendly.

A project that Concrete Polishing were thrilled to be apart of was a new build project in Jersey, Channel Islands. Our client was in the realms of building an “eco-friendly” house and polished concrete was therefore his main flooring choice. Contractors from Concrete Polishing supplied, placed and mechanically diamond polished the concrete slab to a satin level of gloss. The client also opted for a Rustic Style Finish where there was no aggregate exposure. Large windows were a focal point of this project, the polished concrete flooring therefore allowed the natural light to bounce off it is creating an open airy feel.

As you can see the final results were outstanding, this was a remarkable project to be apart of. Well done to the team who created this polished concrete “eco-friendly” floor!

Location: Jersey, Channel Islands

Setting: Residential

Finish: Rustic Style Finish

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