Polished Concrete Cementitious Overlay

April 20th, 2023 at 1:40 pm

A Polished Concrete Cementitious Overlay is the ideal flooring option if an existing concrete slab cannot be mechanically diamond polished.

If an existing concrete slab cannot be mechanically diamond polished this could be due to not having enough depth. Contractors placed the concrete slab poorly therefore aesthetically this would not be suitable. These are just to name a few. A polished concrete cementitious overlay can be laid to a depth of as little as 10mm. Ideal if as mentioned you do not have enough depth.

Polished concrete overlays are also becoming a popular choice within the polished concrete field of flooring choices. An overlay is aesthetically pleasing. The process in which contractors use to install a polished concrete overlay somewhat differs to conventional concrete however the results are exceptional as with conventional concrete. The client can determine the overall colour of the floor, aggregate colour, and size. Also, contractors can control the final look and finish much more effectively than conventional concrete. Contractors would process the floor by mechanically diamond polishing in the same manner as traditional concrete. Concrete Polishing uses Husqvarna machinery and tooling to complete all our works.

A polished concrete cementitious overlay can give you the bespoke floor you are wanting to create. A truly unique floor!

To find out more about polished concrete overlays, please do not hesitate to contact Concrete Polishing where a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss the different options we have to offer. In order for you to start building your bespoke floor.

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