Polished Concrete – Warwickshire

March 24th, 2021 at 3:05 pm

Polished Concrete – Residential

Our client approached Concrete Polishing, who wanted a polished concrete floor in an extension at their property in Warwickshire. The extension was to be a kitchen/snug. The area was to include an oak timber-framed feature window. As well as oak cladding on the walls and skirting. The clients, therefore, felt that an Exposed Aggregate Finish with a high gloss would be the best option and would suit the overall look that they were wanting to achieve.

The client asked for Concrete Polishing to place, finish and polish the floor. The client chose to remain with the natural colour from the local quarry where the concrete would be supplied from. They felt that the neutral tones of the concrete would therefore complement the oak timber throughout.

The concrete was placed by our contractors directly over the under-floor heating system. And finished to a power trowelled standard. Once contractors had finished placing the slab, the mechanical process could therefore begin around 28 days later.


polished concrete installation


Polished Concrete – Process

The clients chosen type of finish was the exposed aggregate. To expose aggregate a heavy initial grind is therefore necessary. This in turn prepares the floor for the mechanical diamond polishing process. Heavy grinding also eliminates any imperfections in the concrete that may have occurred when placing. Included in the area was a kitchen. Therefore, a significant factor that the client wanted to avoid was any staining from spillage. Contractors, therefore, applied a sealer to the area that would prevent any spillages from penetrating into the floor. Once contractors had finished the polishing process, contractors could apply the sealer to the area.


polished concrete residential


As you can see the outcome of this polished concrete floor in Warwickshire was stunning!  As a company, we met the client’s needs. Within the allocated timescale and budget. Concrete Polishing once again exceeded the client’s expectations.


polished concrete high gloss polished concrete exposed aggregate


Location: Stratford-upon-Avon

Setting: Residential

Finish: Exposed Aggregate Finish

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


Please feel free to visit our gallery where more examples of polished concrete can be seen.

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