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Industrial Polished Concrete Floors

Industrial Polished Concrete Floors

A factory was looking for Industrial polished concrete floors at their premises in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East. The current floor was in need of full restoration to improve the overall functionality of the floor. The client, therefore, felt that industrial polished concrete floors were the best option for them, due to them being dustproof, durable and easy to clean, minimal lifetime costs, and non-slippery. These just to name a few as to why polished concrete was the most suitable choice.

The floor had been laid for a considerable amount of time. Continuous forklift traffic was covering the area every day. Over time the floor had cracked, together with discolouration, and had become quite dusty. Therefore, all factors needed to be rectified.


polished concrete floors polished concrete floors


Contractors began with a light grind. Grinding, therefore, removed any residue and painted on the surface. Contractors then moved onto a heavy grind. Grinding would resolve any imperfections within the surface. A clean, level, smooth surface was created by contractors. Contractors could then start to mechanically diamond polish the floor. In addition, cracks were dug out, cleaned and then filled with coloured semi-rigid polyurea by contractors. To finish, contractors also applied a concrete sealer. Contractors carried out sections of the floor at a time. Therefore, work could still take place within the factory as usual. All work carried out by contractors was within a controlled environment.


industrial polished concrete floors Industrial polished concrete floors


As you can see, the results were exceptional. A complete restoration had successfully been carried out on these industrial polished concrete floors in Newcastle upon Tyne.



A fantastic transformation for Concrete Polishing UK


Location: North East

Setting: Industrial

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® 


To see other industrial projects similar to this one, please visit our gallery.


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Polished Concrete Floors – Herefordshire

Polished Concrete Floors

A client contacted Concrete Polishing that was wanting a polished concrete floor at their home in Herefordshire. The property was a new build project. Our client had chosen a polished concrete floor as their type of flooring because it has minimal maintenance, stain-resistant and eco-friendly and of course aesthetically pleasing. These were all crucial factors due to the polished concrete floor stretching throughout the downstairs.


polished concrete floor polished concrete floor


Our client was wanting to create a minimal, modern feel to the house. The floor had been laid in conventional concrete and was power trowelled by a different contractor. There were slight imperfections, so contractors had to carry out a Variable Style Finish. This is where there is slight aggregate exposure. To create a variable finish, contractors carried out an initial light grind. This enhances the characteristics created by the power trowel and exposes minimal aggregate. The floor could then be mechanically diamond polished. Contractors mechanically polished the floor to a 400 grit. Contractors then applied a concrete sealer to help with slip resistance and stain resistance.



The polished concrete floors stretched throughout the whole of the reception of the house, the results were fantastic. Concrete Polishing made a smart, modern and minimal space. The results, therefore, exceeded our client’s expectations. Another brilliant job by Concrete Polishing.



Location: Herefordshire

Setting: New Build, Residential

Finish: Variable Style Finish

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


If you would like to talk with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to call us on  01691 655 755 or Where we, therefore, be happy to help. We can discuss all types of work including Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.

Also, please visit our gallery where some of our projects can be looked at.

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Polished Concrete – Warwickshire

Polished Concrete – Residential

Our client approached Concrete Polishing, who wanted a polished concrete floor in an extension at their property in Warwickshire. The extension was to be a kitchen/snug. The area was to include an oak timber-framed feature window. As well as oak cladding on the walls and skirting. The clients, therefore, felt that an Exposed Aggregate Finish with a high gloss would be the best option and would suit the overall look that they were wanting to achieve.

The client asked for Concrete Polishing to place, finish and polish the floor. The client chose to remain with the natural colour from the local quarry where the concrete would be supplied from. They felt that the neutral tones of the concrete would therefore complement the oak timber throughout.

The concrete was placed by our contractors directly over the under-floor heating system. And finished to a power trowelled standard. Once contractors had finished placing the slab, the mechanical process could therefore begin around 28 days later.


polished concrete installation


Polished Concrete – Process

The clients chosen type of finish was the exposed aggregate. To expose aggregate a heavy initial grind is therefore necessary. This in turn prepares the floor for the mechanical diamond polishing process. Heavy grinding also eliminates any imperfections in the concrete that may have occurred when placing. Included in the area was a kitchen. Therefore, a significant factor that the client wanted to avoid was any staining from spillage. Contractors, therefore, applied a sealer to the area that would prevent any spillages from penetrating into the floor. Once contractors had finished the polishing process, contractors could apply the sealer to the area.


polished concrete residential


As you can see the outcome of this polished concrete floor in Warwickshire was stunning!  As a company, we met the client’s needs. Within the allocated timescale and budget. Concrete Polishing once again exceeded the client’s expectations.


polished concrete high gloss polished concrete exposed aggregate


Location: Stratford-upon-Avon

Setting: Residential

Finish: Exposed Aggregate Finish

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


Please feel free to visit our gallery where more examples of polished concrete can be seen.

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Polished Concrete – Shropshire

Polished Concrete – Shropshire

We were approached by our client who was looking to extend their home in, Shropshire. The client decided a polished concrete floor was the best choice for their project.

The client was wanting an Exposed Aggregate Finish with a high gloss. For their residential kitchen, diner extension. The exposed aggregate finish is where the aggregate is fully exposed. The main objectives of the clients, because this was a kitchen, diner area were. Therefore, to have a functional, slip-resistant, stain-resistant, easily maintained floor and aesthetically pleasing.


polished concrete shropshire residential polished concrete shropshire residential


The new floor was laid and finished by a different contractor to a low standard. However, due to the clients choosing an exposed aggregate finish, the low standard of concrete finishing did not pose a problem. To achieve an exposed aggregate finish. The contractors carried out a heavy initial grind. This, therefore, prepared the floor for mechanical diamond polishing. The heavy grinding also. Therefore, eliminated any defects in the concrete. Semi-rigid polyurea was then added to the joints by the contractors.




Due to the area being a kitchen, diner and one of the client’s main objectives was stain and slip resistance. The contractor applied a concrete sealer to the polished concrete floor in Shropshire.

The overall results were exceptional! All the client’s primary objectives were met and most importantly, all within budget. The system however used to create this polished concrete floor in Shropshire was the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® throughout.


Polished Concrete Shropshire Residential


A fantastic result again from one of our teams at Concrete Polishing!


Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Setting: Residential

Finish: Exposed Aggregate

System Used: Husqvarna Hiperfloor


Should you need advice or a quote regarding an existing project. Or a new upcoming project. Please feel free to contact us at 01691 655 755 or where we will look forward to helping.


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Polished Concrete Cost to Polish Concrete

Polished Concrete Cost

The first concern for most of our customers is how much it will the cost to polish a concrete floor. The best way for us to help you find the price for your floor is to speak to your directly. You can call our office on 01691 655 755 and we will provide a free quotation. You can also fill in our contact form at the bottom of our home page.

At Concrete Polishing we offer a high standard of polished concrete, using some of the most advanced technology on the market. We can offer a range of concrete floor finishes to fit your building. Each of these finishes can be offered in residential, retail, commercial and industrial properties. Our teams will complete the whole process, including both grinding and polishing. We use advanced Husqvarna Construction Products, which have state of the art functions, not seen elsewhere on the market. These machines are the key to creating attractive and long lasting floors.

The polished concrete cost per m² will depend on the concrete finish you require. We offer Rustic, Variable or Premium finishes. These can range from £30 – £85 per square metre, depending on the size of the floor and the quality of the concrete. The finishes we offer are also known as Husqvarna HiperFloor. Our staff have been certified by Husqvarna Construction Products as official Husqvarna HiperFloor installers. The following video shows an old painted concrete floor we transformed into a polished concrete floor.


We offer concrete polishing throughout the UK. We are based in Shropshire, which gives us easy access to areas such as Cheshire, Mid – North Wales, Merseyside, Midlands, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

We take pride in the service we offer, and we believe in using quality products to achieve the best possible results. Our concrete floor finishes include an application of Husqvarna HiperGuard, which protects the floor from stains and spills. It also which simplifies maintenance and cleaning, extending the lifespan of the floor. You can see the before and after pictures of a workshop we transformed in Oswestry, Shropshire.


For more pictures of polished concrete projects then visit our Gallery page.

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm if you wish to find out more or discuss future projects. We advise clients to call ahead and book an appointment to discuss their project, as key members of our team are often away from the office on site visits.

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