Polished Concrete Floors – Scotland

June 14th, 2021 at 12:02 pm

Polished Concrete Floors – Scotland

Concrete Polishing were contacted by a client that was in the process of renovating a whisky distillery. The client felt that a polished concrete floor was the most suitable option for their project in Scotland. The client was looking for a flooring option that was low maintenance, retained heat well, and of course, was aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, polished concrete floors in Scotland was the better choice.

A different contractor had placed and power trowelled the existing floor. The contractors that laid the floor, unfortunately, had issues on the day of placement, this, therefore, resulted in the floor being substandard. The client, therefore, instructed concrete Polishing to restore and rectify any problems that had occurred.


polished concrete floors scotland polished concrete floors scotland


The type of finish that the client was wanting was a Rustic Style Finish. No aggregate exposed to the surface. To achieve this type of finish, the contractors carry out a series of very light grinding stages, and no heavy grinding is needed. Once the contractors completed these stages, contractors then applied a sealer to the floor. This aids with slip resistance and stain resistance. Also, a major problem that occurred was surface cracking. Contractors filled these with semi-rigid polyurea.  The client decided they wanted to make a feature from the cracks. Therefore, a slightly lighter polyurea was applied. The feature looked brilliant and added to the overall rustic style finish that the client wanted.



As you can see, the end results were fantastic, on this polished concrete floors in Scotland. A great result from Concrete Polishing!


polished concrete floors scotland


Location: Scotland

Setting: Commercial

Finish: Rustic Style finish

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


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