Polished Concrete Floor Gloucestershire

August 3rd, 2021 at 11:26 am

Polished Concrete Floor Gloucestershire

Our client approached Concrete Polishing. They wanted a polished concrete floor at their wedding venue in Gloucestershire. The client was wanting to convert an out barn on their estate into a wedding reception or hospitality area. The overall concept was to keep the flooring style in line with the rustic feeling of the barn, therefore our Rustic Style Finish polished concrete floor was the best option. Due to the venue hosting parties, our client was looking for a flooring option that was low maintenance. Slip resistant and stain resistant. A polished concrete floor furfilled all of these points.

The existing concrete floor was laid by a different company. Contractors had finished the floor to a substandard power float. Therefore in places the floor was uneven. Contractors began by completing a series of lighter grinding steps. This therefore highlighted the natural movement of the power trowel marks and creating a rustic style finish. For contractors to achieve a rustic style polished concrete floor, it is unnecessary for heavy grinding. Therefore no aggregate is exposed. The final stage that contractors complete after the grinding steps is applying a concrete sealer. Contractors then used the concrete sealer, and as a result, this, therefore, aids with protection from spillages and slip resistance. All main objectives that our client had.

polished concrete floor gloucestershire

Contractors achieved the polished concrete floor in Gloucestershire using the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system throughout.

Overall, the reults were exceptional. Concrete Polishing were therefore able to hand over a fully functional polished concrete floor to our client. All objectives had been met, within allocated time and budget.

polished concrete floor gloucestershire polished concrete floor gloucestershire

Location: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Setting: Commercial

Finish: Rustic Style Finish

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