Polished Concrete – Buckinghamshire

May 27th, 2021 at 11:28 am

Polished Concrete – Buckinghamshire

Concrete Polishing were approached by a client wanting a polished concrete floor. In the Buckinghamshire area. The client was in the middle of building their new family home. Our client was looking for an aesthetically modern-looking flooring option that retained heat and easy to maintain.  Polished concrete offered all of these options and more.


polished concrete Buckinghamshire polished concrete Buckinghamshire


The client asked concrete polishing to supply, lay, finish and mechanically polish the new floor. Our clients chosen finish was the Rustic Style Finish and Silver Grey in colour. The finish does not show any aggregate. The surface is, therefore, power trowelled.  Contractors laid the concrete directly over the underfloor heating system. Contractors then finished the floor to a high power trowelled standard. The standard of power trowelling is essential, this therefore will determine the overall look of the finished floor.


polished concrete Buckinghamshire


To achieve the polished concrete floor in Buckinghamshire, the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system was used. Contractors carried out a series of light grinding steps. Contractors did not need a heavy initial grind due to the aggregate not being exposed. And, instead, the lighter grinding movements highlight the natural power trowel pattern, which is the overall look that the client was wanting. Contractors then added a concrete sealer to help with protection from spillages and slip resistance.


polished concrete Buckinghamshire


Concrete Polishing made a modern, fully functional floor and, most importantly, met all the client’s main points and within budget. As you can see from the pictures the standard of workmanship from Concrete Polishing is exceptional!

polished concrete Buckinghamshire polished concrete Buckinghamshire


polished concrete Buckinghamshire polished concrete Buckinghamshire polished concrete Buckinghamshire


Another quality polished concrete floor produced by Concrete Polishing.

Location: Buckinghamshire

Setting: Residential

Colour: Silver Grey

Finish: Rustic Style Finish


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