Warehouse Floor Renovation

November 7th, 2022 at 2:35 pm

A popular choice in warehouse floor renovation is rapidly becoming Polished Concrete. There are many factors to consider when renovating a warehouse floor. This can be in large logistic and distribution centers or factories. Polished concrete fulfills all of these factors. Polished Concrete has become the first choice in warehouse floor renovation. Due to providing a floor thats maintained easily, and a crucial factor it also smooths and refines the floor. Another benefit is that it can be effective at leveling an uneven floor. This is important for manual handling equipment.

Within an industrial/warehouse environment slip resistance is a major factor. When considering an option for warehouse floor renovation. Polished concrete is one of the most slip-resistant flooring choices on the market even when wet.

Visually it is obvious to the eye that polished concrete is light reflective. This is another benefitting factor due to the natural light being able to reflect through windows or skylights. This, therefore, saves electricity in the summer months and less lighting is needed in the winter months. Important points to be considered when choosing.

When choosing a flooring option for a warehouse floor renovation polished concrete is by far the most suited option. You will only need to do basic maintenance by using cleaning pads and water. Very simple!

If you are considering polished concrete for the renovation of your warehouse floor then please do not hesitate to contact Concrete Polishing UK to discuss. We cater to all types of projects including commercial and residential polished concrete using Husqvarna Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®, also the installation of concrete floors. We would like you to see previous warehouse renovation projects that we have shown in our gallery.

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