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Industrial Polished Concrete – Shropshire

Industrial Polished Concrete – Shropshire

A client approached Concrete Polishing, they were in the first stages of expanding their warehouse.  An industrial polished concrete in Shropshire floor met all our client’s needs, this, therefore, was their first choice. The benefits of an industrial polished concrete floor would be a long-lasting, high strength and durable surface. Resistant to abrasion, and therefore good for high traffic areas. Floor flatness, so also ideal for forklifts. All needs of our clients.

Our client was wanting Concrete Polishing to install, finish and mechanically diamond polish the new floor. The type of finish was the grey industrial finish, this is the most popular in an industrial environment. The surface is power trowelled, therefore, no aggregate is exposed.


Industrial polished concrete Shropshire Industrial polished concrete shropshire


After the floor had been laid and finished to a power trowelled standard, 28 days was allowed. Contractors could, therefore, then begin to mechanically diamond polish the new floor.  In the light of our client not wanting aggregate shown, a series of lighter grinding stages were necessary. Therefore, highlighting the natural power trowel pattern, what our client wanted.  Contractors then applied the concrete sealer to the floor. This helps with slip resistance and stain resistance.


Industrial polished concrete shropshire industrial polished concrete shropshire

Concrete Polishing Warehouse Concrete Polishing Warehouse


All the work done by our contractors was achieved using the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system. As you can see the results were fantastic! Concrete Polishing was able to hand over a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing industrial polished concrete floor to our client in Shropshire. All work completed by contractors was within the timescale and the clients budget.


Concrete Polishing Warehouse Concrete Polishing Warehouse


A fantastic project by Concrete Polishing!


Location: Shropshire

Setting: Industrial, Warehouse

System Used: Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®


Please feel free to visit our gallery where other projects can be viewed. Concrete Polishing now has unique floor packages to suit every client’s needs. Please call or email us to find out more.


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Polished Concrete West Midlands

Polished Concrete West Midlands.

Concrete Polishing UK is an award-winning company. We are excited to offer concrete installation and polished concrete West Midlands, and Birmingham.

We specialize in the installation of concrete flooring and polished concrete flooring. If it’s a Residential project. Commercial property. Or a large Industrial Warehouse.  Therefore, we are confident that we can, fulfil all expectations cost-effectively. And above all within the designated timescale.


Polished Concrete Industrial Warehouse.

A client approached our company wanting to restore a large warehouse concrete floor, in the West Midlands area. Into a functional therefore dust-free, and aesthetically pleasing polished concrete floor. A polished concrete project of this type was very suited to our company. Concrete Polishing UK.

The floor had been laid by a different contractor. The floor needed a full restoration. This, therefore, included grinding, repairs, and joint rebuilding. Our team then used the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR®System


The initial grinding stages were aggressive. We could then progress onto rebuilding the concrete floor joints and fill. The team then carried out The full Husqvarna Hiperfloor system on the large industrial warehouse floor. The contractor then applied a sealer to protect and aid with slip resistance. A full burnish then carried out on the floor.

Concrete Polishing UK transformed the Industrial warehouse concrete floor into a fully functional flooring option, dust-free. Aesthetically pleasing polished concrete floor in the West Midlands. The results were exceptional!

Polished concrete, Final result


Please feel free to visit our gallery.





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Industrial Concrete Polishing – The smartest flooring option.

Industrial Concrete Polishing – The smartest flooring option. 

Whether it’s a large warehouse floor, factory, or logistics centre, Industrial Concrete Polishing is the smartest choice for Industrial flooring.

In an Industrial setting, floors will have a life span. Over time, they can deteriorate due to some factors. Some being dusting and the high traffic traveling over the floor. So these are just some factors that will add to a floor becoming no longer fit for purpose.



Aesthetically polished concrete is by far the most impressive. The Aesthetics of an industrial polished concrete floor is not compromised either. First impressions can count for a lot. It also bodes well for productivity and morale within the staff.

An Industrial polished concrete floor will have essential floor demarcations. Walkways, and zebra crossings, to name a few.

This is crucial for the safety of staff. Also, the visiting public. An industrial polished concrete floor has a high coefficient of friction. It is also slip-resistant. Polished concrete reduces the amount of dusting. This is a huge factor in the deterioration of an industrial floor. Evidence suggested that Industrial polished concrete floors reflectivness reduces lighting needs and improves natural light.

Concrete Polishing Warehouse Northwich Cheshire Factory Joint Repair   


A sustainable choice

Industrial polished concrete is a sustainable flooring option.

This is because polished concrete uses the natural materials already present. So, polished concrete has no topical coating applied to the surface. It is a “green” flooring option, and LEED approved, unlike epoxy. Polished Concrete will transform an old industrial floor into an environmentally friendly, easily maintained floor.

Mechanic's Workshop Before PolishingMechanic's Workshop After Polishing








Life Span 

Industrial polished concrete is hard-wearing so it has a life expectancy if maintained correctly in excess of 25 years. In comparison to an epoxy of 1-5 years.

Polished concrete offers small lifetime costs, is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and environmentally friendly.


Our promise to you

There are many requirements to consider when choosing a flooring option. And what positive impact they can have on your business. So a new polished concrete floor can improve productivity and in turn improve your business,

We are confident here at Concrete using the most advanced Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system we can meet all the desired requirements, on time and cost-effectively. We believe an Industrial concrete polished floor is the smartest option for your business!







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