Industrial polished concrete

March 6th, 2020 at 1:21 pm

Industrial polished concrete

A client approached concrete Polishing to complete works on this Industrial polished concrete project. In Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. The project was 1000 m2. It was an old concrete floor. It needed repair. Due to the floor being in a poor condition. Contractors could therefore restore the floor. Therefore, grinding, repairing, joint rebuilding, and mechanical diamond polishing were all carried out by contractors. Contractors could therefore restore the floor.

Contractors used Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® concrete polishing system. To achieve the industrial concrete polishing. Images can be found in our gallery.

Contractors gave the factory floor a series of grinding stages. Contractors aggressively did this. In addition repairs were made to the floor. And Contractors rebuilt concrete joints. And, therefore contractors could fill the joints. Mechanical Diamond polishing completed. Lastly, contractors applied a protective sealer and burnished.

Industrial polished concrete floor restoration

We offer concrete floor restoration in many different types of places. These include factories, logistic centres, warehouses, car storage, supermarkets, airports and agricultural buildings. For larger concrete floors that need polishing. A ride on trowel polishing system is used.

Polished concrete floors have many benefits. Especially in a forklift environment. The floor has longevity and is low maintenance. These benefits help towards maintaining a low cost.  Because of the 3-phase Husqvarna concrete grinders and polishers. So, they therefore transform an old concrete factory floor. An aesthetically pleasing and functional floor. Therefore, this is good for forklifts to use safely.

Concrete Polishing offer polished concrete services across the UK. Other cities we have carried out projects in include Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Bristol. And many more. Concrete cracks and joint repairs are also a part of the process. A smooth surface is for forklift trucks. And robust floors in high-traffic areas. Contractors can also add colours, logos, and line marking (demarcation lines). Specialist concrete colour dyes will offer a permanent solution.

We have worked with major brands. These include Arla, Tetrosyl, Ecolab, Akzo Nobel. And many more. We take Health and Safety seriously. So, dust control. In addition we use specialist vacuums to control the dust. Contractors use remote control machines to mechanically polish the floors. No risk of people being injured while transporting the machines. All equipment electrically checked. This equipment is checked and inspected by our workshop. All are carried out by a professional. Risk assessments are all carried out. Before a project starts. Full training of the Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® system to all people that work on site. Finally are issued to contractors. 



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