Concrete Polishing – PICS Golden Trowel Winner 2019

August 1st, 2019 at 10:38 am

Concrete Polishing – PICS Golden Trowel Winner 2019. The Golden Trowel is an annual award handed out by PICS, and in addition Concrete Polishing, is delighted to have been awarded one of this year’s top prize winners. The award winning polished concrete floor was installed by contractors in Hencote Winery, Shrewsbury. 

Furthermore, PICS has supported the stamped and decorative concrete industry in the UK since 1992. They are experts in decorative concrete floors. And we are thrilled to receive this award from them. Importantly, Concrete Polishing strives for visual excellence on every floor. Exceeding our client’s expectations. It is rewarding to have that recognized and confirmed by experts in concrete technology.

Concrete Polishing – PICS Golden Trowel Winner 2019

Hencote Winery is a fantastic venue with rave reviews for its wine, restaurant, and accommodation. The restaurant has exquisite views of the Shropshire hills. We crafted the restaurant floor using integrally coloured cement and a decorative golden aggregate. The restaurant’s design allows natural light to flood into the room. Bringing out different colours on the floor at other times of the day. The exposed aggregate and high gloss reflect light. Therefore, helping brighten the space after sunset. Our client selected clustered single-bulb lighting directed by opaque shades. The rays are reflected in the floor’s dark surface. Therefore, creating a starlight effect.

Hencote was a challenging project. With such ample space and few architectural features,. The floor is a significant factor in the restaurant’s overall look. Concrete Polishing was exciting to be part of this project. And it is rewarding to see it appreciated by the PICS. And the substantial decorative community.

Since Hencote we have continued to develop as a company. Building our knowledge and skills in polished concrete. Lastly, we aim to build on this success and continue exceed expectations. Creating attractive and hardwearing floors across the UK.

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