Why a DIY Polished Concrete Floor Will Cause Problems

March 19th, 2019 at 2:14 pm

We were recently approached by a customer who wanted to know if it feasible for him achieve polished concrete floors in house, instead of hiring contractors to do it. While it is not impossible, we would not advise anyone to attempt to create DIY polished concrete floors. Even for existing flooring contractors, polished concrete can pose a range of challenges. Each floor is unique, and no list or guide will be able to fully prepare for the difficulties to be encountered.

There are a range of concrete floor finishes available, but not all of them a suitable for every floor type. It can take an expert to assess the floor properly. The hardness of the concrete, the state of and repairs and the viability of the finish need to be considered. Without experience it is easy to select incorrect tooling which will be ineffective or rapidly break down. These can be costly mistakes which will quickly eat into a budget.

There is also the correct application of the floor treatments to be considered. Polished concrete owes its strength to liquid grout, densifier and sealer. Identifying which types of each product are correct for a concrete floor only comes with practise. The machinery and tools required are also designed for expert use. A DIY polished concrete practitioner would also need to consider how to dispose of concrete dust and debris left behind by the polishing process.

Polishing concrete is, in our opinion, best left to professionals. Correct application of machinery, tooling and chemicals is key to achieving a high quality floor in a residential property. It is unlikely that there would be any great savings to be made through DIY polished concrete. Our contractors are trained and equipped to deal with the challenges concrete can throw up, leaving our clients with attractive, hard wearing concrete floors.

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