Warehouse Polished Concrete Floors

March 14th, 2019 at 10:16 am

Warehouse space is one of the biggest beneficiaries from concrete polishing. Warehouse Polished Concrete Floors, there therefore is no other flooring that offers an equal combination of strength. Resistance and flatness. For facilities managers, who maintain a business’s warehousing needs. Polished concrete can be the answer to many of the problems they face on a daily basis.

Warehouse Floors

The first and most important benefit that polished concrete has compared to a normal concrete floor. Is the strength. The polishing process densifies the concrete. And, creating a crystalline substance within the concrete’s pores. This provides a significant boost to the strength of the surface. Therefore, making it less likely to damage. Warehousing often involves heavy machinery and goods. Which can easily lead to damage on a unpolished concrete. Worse still, concrete surrounding a crack, control joint or impact point can become brittle. Continuing the damage. The polishing process minimises this risk.

The second benefit is the surface itself. Polished concrete has a smooth surface which does not abrade materials or machinery. It also sealed to resist liquid spills, reducing the risk of accidents. Contrary to initial impressions, polished concrete is a low slip surface, even when wet. The smooth can be polished to a highly reflective gloss finish. This can actually help to reduce the electrical running costs of a warehouse by reflecting light. The polishing process also prevents the floor from producing dust. The dust is instead used to create the C-S-H which strengthens the floor.

Benefits of warehouse polished concrete floors

The third major benefit is that a polished concrete floor is a useable surface for such a wide array of business types. If a unit is being rented out, this is key. Often landlords will have to repaint or repair a floor between tenants. This leads to downtime where buildings are not generating rents. Polished concrete floors comply with the needs of numerous industries including:

  • Food processing
  • Food storage
  • Precision engineering and manufacturing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical production
  • Data farms and server rooms

All of these industries, and more, benefit from the clean, dust free environment which concrete polishing can provide. Few industrial spaces will need to adjust or improve their flooring when moving between such tenants.

The final benefit is the appearance of the floor. Unfinished concrete floors are rough, abrasive and dull. By having the concrete polished a far more attractive interior is created. This can help entice tenants, showing that care and attention has gone into the upkeep of the building. It also make the space more welcoming to prospective clients and customers who might visit a business in such a building.

Polished concrete is a long lasting, durable and strong floor which can last for the lifetime of the building. It provides daily benefits and raises the value of any warehouse or industrial sized unit it is placed in.

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