Polished Concrete for Restaurants

March 13th, 2019 at 10:36 am

Polished concrete has become popular as a flooring option across commercial spaces in the UK. Restaurants and bars have led this change, embracing polished concrete as a long term solution. The demands of the hospitality industry are both unique and intense. Even a small restaurant, accommodating an average number of covers, can see hundreds of people walking through their establishment every day. Add to that the abrasion caused by tables and chairs and it is clear that you need a tough, hard wearing floor.

Concrete is already a hard material, and the polishing process strengthens it further, making it suitable to meet these challenges. Polished concrete floors will also withstand the rigorous cleaning that is required, without sustaining damage. It can also cope with the salt, oil and strong cleaning agents commonly used in the hospitality industry.

Large Polished Concrete Floor Gold

A concrete floor can also help meet health and safety regulations. Despite the glossy appearance of polished concrete, it is a low slip surface. The sealant added to the concrete will help resist liquids, so spills can be mopped up quickly and efficiently. Provided spills are cleaned promptly there should be no staining or damage to the floor. Accidents can be prevented with little effort required.

The general upkeep costs are negligible when compared to cleaning a carpeted floor. Polished concrete can be dust mopped, and occasionally burnished, to prevent the finish becoming dull with use. Even in cases where the cost of polishing looks expensive, it is important to remember the savings that will be had over the lifetime of the floor, given the reduced maintenance requirements. Unlike wood, tiles, carpet or laminate, a concrete floor will last for the lifetime of the building. This means you need never run into the cost of replacing the floor.

Beyond the practical and utilitarian reasons for choosing polished concrete, there are the aesthetics. Concrete polishing can transform the entire look of a commercial space. With near limitless design options, we can create the perfect floor for any building. The concrete can be coloured. Matt, satin or gloss finishes can be achieved to meet design requirements. Decorative elements, such as coloured or glass aggregates can be added. Logos and brand identities can be dyed into the floor itself. All these options combine to provide a huge range of options. A polished concrete floor can be tailored to craft a unique space which will help any business stand out from the crowd.

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