Gold Crack Concrete Repair on Polished Concrete

October 23rd, 2019 at 2:54 pm

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramic wear. The craftsman would fix the broken pot or cup by filling the cracks with sap resin and gold powder. Inspired by Kintsugi, we recently created a gold crack concrete repair on a polished concrete floor. This has had the effect turning a flaw into a unique feature.

Gold Crack Concrete Repair

The philosophy behind kintsugi (golden joinery) is to accept damage as part of the history of an object, instead of treating it as a problem to be hidden. The same approach can be taken to polished concrete. This floor developed cracks over time. Instead of trying to match the colour of the floor the owner chose to have them filled with gold. However close to the floor colour a repair is, it will always remain visible to some degree.

Concrete is made from natural materials, including sand, aggregate and water, so its makeup changes over time as the water is released. Methods such as mesh, fibres and control joints can be used to reduce the chance of cracks forming, but it remains a risk. Normally we would use a filler to conceal the cracks as much as possible. The kintsugi style repairs are an option for customers who want to opt for a more dramatic statement. It works especially well in uncluttered spaces where the floor contributes significantly to the room’s appearance.

A gold crack concrete repair will look striking on any floor. Here we have installed the repairs on a floor with a rustic finish, so they introduced a sharp contrast to the rest of the room. On a variable or fully exposed concrete floor the effect would be quite different. We are enthusiastic about concrete. It is exciting to find new techniques we can use to develop both new and existing floors.

While cracked concrete may be seen as a problem, it is a part of the floor. Whether you wish to conceal cracks or whether you see them as a part of the story of your floor, Concrete Polishing can help.


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