Wherever you live, and however your home is constructed, there is one thing that is almost universally desired. More space. Space is at a premium in every residential property, with conflicting needs for utility and practicality competing with the desire for freedom and beauty.

One of the best methods to achieve more space is to venture outside into the garden. Matching the surfaces inside the house with those in a garden creates an invitation to view the exterior as an extension of home. By adding houseplants to the internal areas nearest the garden it is easy to bring the outside in. Architects refer to such practises as ‘Dissolving the boundaries’ between the interior and exterior spaces.

Polished concrete is almost unique, in that it can be used inside and out with very little difference in preparation. Technically patio flagstones or AstroTurf could be laid in a dining room, but it would be challenging from a design perspective. A polished concrete floor will look attractive in both the interior and exterior, creating a seamless link.

Contrary to many people’s fears, concrete does not become slippery when polished. It is classified as a low-slip surface even when wet, so it can be used safely in a garden. A wet polished concrete patio should not pose any more of a risk than any other hard surface. Mechanically polished concrete is a high quality, strong surface which will stand up to rigours use. With proper maintenance, a polished concrete floor can last the lifetime of the building.

Using polished concrete to create a broken-plan living space between house and garden is an exciting way to add value to a home, and to make the most of your space. We will work alongside you to create a bespoke design that compliments the building’s style and utility. If considering a renovation or new build using exterior polished concrete, please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have. The earlier we become involved in a project, the simpler the job will be.