Concrete Polishing for Residential Properties

March 11th, 2019 at 3:23 pm

Concrete Polishing for Residential Properties. Concrete has traditionally been seen as a utilitarian material. The word can conjure images of brutalist architecture. However, concrete has moved on from building such as the Barbican Centre or Habitat 67. Polished concrete floors are now a popular choice for many types of building. The polishing process was initially focussed on practicality. Polished concrete does not produce dust, and it causes far less wear on equipment and furniture. This has made it ideal for industrial and agricultural buildings.


Concrete Polishing for Residential Properties

Over the last ten years developments in concrete polishing have moved on apace and it is now a popular choice for residential properties. Polished concrete floors can be eye-catching and attractive, brightening up rooms and adding an exciting new dimension to buildings. It can be made to appear similar to matt grey, or it can be tinted with integral colouring agents. Specialist decorative elements, such as coloured glass, can be added to concrete floors.

Beyond the aesthetic qualities, polished concrete offers a variety of benefits. It works well with underfloor heating, as concrete conducts heat well. As the floor is comprised of nothing but the concrete flooring slab, there are no further barriers to heat distribution. It will also store warmth acquired from sunlight, recycling it as temperatures cool later in the day.

Polished concrete welshpool - barn conversion

What Options are Available?

We recommend that clients develop an idea of how they would like their polished concrete floor to look, as there are almost limitless design choices. Once the client has decided on the desired look, we can assist in finding the most suitable way of achieving it. Not every type of floor is available in every home. When polishing an existing floor, the design choices are small by the quality, colour, and materials already present. There are still many options available in terms of colour and finish.

A new floor will be laid for a new build, self-build, or extension. Therefore, it provides an opportunity for a broader range of design options. The client can select the finish, colour, aggregates, and other decorative options. We must become involved in the build schedule as soon as possible. Concrete Polishing will either place the floor ourselves or liaise with your building contractors to achieve the best results.

How to Learn More

To find out more about polished concrete it is best to contact us directly. We have experience polishing everything from environmentally minded self-builds to small kitchen or bathroom extensions. We can answer any questions and provide an estimate of what a project should cost. To help us make this quote as accurate as possible it is helpful for us to know:

  • What size the floor is, or will be
  • Whether this is a renovation, and extension or a new build
  • Where the project is situated
  • What stage the project is at
  • What kind of finish is desirable?
  • Any further details about the project which may be pertinent

To contact us, call us on 01691 655 755, or use the contact form at the bottom of the website.

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