Concrete polishing is helping to transform public spaces. For hotels, museums, galleries and other leisure facilities, selecting the correct flooring can be a headache. A facilities manager must balance the need for a compelling and attractive interior with the requirements of restricted budgets. When design or architecture plans are put forward, there is often little attention put into flooring and the associated maintenance costs. While an inexpensive product, such as vinyl or laminate, may reduce the initial outlay, they will quickly break down under the pressure of continued use.

While a home may be willing to cope with this, commercial buildings have to look their best every single day. That can mean frequent and expensive repairs, on top of the regular costs involved in maintenance. Failure to maintain such a floor will quickly lead to it looking shabby and degrading even faster. Even epoxy and resin floors will begin to break down over time.

A polished concrete floor eliminates many of these headaches. The appearance of the floor can be tailored to match perfectly with the surrounding décor. It is equally at home in entrance ways and lobbies as it is in an exhibition space. Polished concrete is ideal for creating a neutral base. It can be polished to a matt, satin or gloss finish, depending on the needs of the building.

Options exist for more dramatic, high-impact floors using coloured concrete, specialist aggregates and other decorative elements. Many of these options are specific to newly placed floors, suitable for large scale renovation projects or new buildings. The earlier an architect or designer can factor these elements into a build and get us involved in the building process, the easier the floor will be to complete.

Polished concrete also provides a strong, durable surface that can cope with the high foot traffic that public spaces cater for. There is no point at which the floor will fail as it is an integral structural element.  Day to day maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Concrete Polishing will also agree on a long term maintenance plan that will involve us making scheduled visits to a floor to perform heavy restoration.

Taking a long-term view of your flooring needs, factoring in capital outlay, maintenance costs and the eventual replacement cost, polished concrete will almost always be the cheapest option for a commercial building. It can also be a unique and attractive floor, tailored to the specific needs of any commercially used space.