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Warehouse Polished Concrete Floors

Warehouse space is one of the biggest beneficiaries from concrete polishing. There is no other flooring that offers an equal combination of strength, resistance and flatness. For facilities managers, who maintain a business’s warehousing needs, polished concrete can be the answer to many of the problems they face on a daily basis.

The first and most significant benefit that polished concrete has, compared to a normal concrete floor, is the strength. The polishing process densifies the concrete, creating a crystalline substance within the concrete’s pores. This provides a significant boost to the strength of the surface, making it less likely to sustain damage. Warehousing often involves heavy machinery and goods, which can easily lead to damage on a unpolished concrete. Worse still, concrete surrounding a crack, control joint or impact point can become brittle, continuing the damage. The polishing process minimises this risk.

The second benefit is the surface itself. Polished concrete has a smooth surface which does not abrade materials or machinery. It also sealed to resist liquid spills, reducing the risk of accidents. Contrary to initial impressions, polished concrete is a low slip surface, even when wet. The smooth can be polished to a highly reflective gloss finish. This can actually help to reduce the electrical running costs of a warehouse by reflecting light. The polishing process also prevents the floor from producing dust. The dust is instead used to create the C-S-H which strengthens the floor.

The third major benefit is that a polished concrete floor is a useable surface for such a wide array of business types. If a unit is being rented out, this is key. Often landlords will have to repaint or repair a floor between tenants. This leads to downtime where buildings are not generating rents. Polished concrete floors comply with the needs of numerous industries including:

  • Food processing
  • Food storage
  • Precision engineering and manufacturing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical production
  • Data farms and server rooms

All of these industries, and more, benefit from the clean, dust free environment which concrete polishing can provide. Few industrial spaces will need to adjust or improve their flooring when moving between such tenants.

The final benefit is the appearance of the floor. Unfinished concrete floors are rough, abrasive and dull. By having the concrete polished a far more attractive interior is created. This can help entice tenants, showing that care and attention has gone into the upkeep of the building. It also make the space more welcoming to prospective clients and customers who might visit a business in such a building.

Polished concrete is a long lasting, durable and strong floor which can last for the lifetime of the building. It provides daily benefits and raises the value of any warehouse or industrial sized unit it is placed in.

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Concrete Polishing for Hotels, Museums and Other Public Facilities

Concrete polishing is helping to transform public spaces. For hotels, museums, galleries and other leisure facilities, selecting the correct flooring can be a headache. A facilities manager must balance the need for a compelling and attractive interior with the requirements of restricted budgets. When design or architecture plans are put forward, there is often little attention put into flooring and the associated maintenance costs. While an inexpensive product, such as vinyl or laminate, may reduce the initial outlay, they will quickly break down under the pressure of continued use.

While a home may be willing to cope with this, commercial buildings have to look their best every single day. That can mean frequent and expensive repairs, on top of the regular costs involved in maintenance. Failure to maintain such a floor will quickly lead to it looking shabby and degrading even faster. Even epoxy and resin floors will begin to break down over time.

A polished concrete floor eliminates many of these headaches. The appearance of the floor can be tailored to match perfectly with the surrounding décor. It is equally at home in entrance ways and lobbies as it is in an exhibition space. Polished concrete is ideal for creating a neutral base. It can be polished to a matt, satin or gloss finish, depending on the needs of the building.

Options exist for more dramatic, high-impact floors using coloured concrete, specialist aggregates and other decorative elements. Many of these options are specific to newly placed floors, suitable for large scale renovation projects or new buildings. The earlier an architect or designer can factor these elements into a build and get us involved in the building process, the easier the floor will be to complete.

Polished concrete also provides a strong, durable surface that can cope with the high foot traffic that public spaces cater for. There is no point at which the floor will fail as it is an integral structural element.  Day to day maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Concrete Polishing will also agree on a long term maintenance plan that will involve us making scheduled visits to a floor to perform heavy restoration.

Taking a long-term view of your flooring needs, factoring in capital outlay, maintenance costs and the eventual replacement cost, polished concrete will almost always be the cheapest option for a commercial building. It can also be a unique and attractive floor, tailored to the specific needs of any commercially used space.

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Exterior Polished Concrete

Wherever you live, and however your home is constructed, there is one thing that is almost universally desired. More space. Space is at a premium in every residential property, with conflicting needs for utility and practicality competing with the desire for freedom and beauty.

One of the best methods to achieve more space is to venture outside into the garden. Matching the surfaces inside the house with those in a garden creates an invitation to view the exterior as an extension of home. By adding houseplants to the internal areas nearest the garden it is easy to bring the outside in. Architects refer to such practises as ‘Dissolving the boundaries’ between the interior and exterior spaces.

Polished concrete is almost unique, in that it can be used inside and out with very little difference in preparation. Technically patio flagstones or AstroTurf could be laid in a dining room, but it would be challenging from a design perspective. A polished concrete floor will look attractive in both the interior and exterior, creating a seamless link.

Contrary to many people’s fears, concrete does not become slippery when polished. It is classified as a low-slip surface even when wet, so it can be used safely in a garden. A wet polished concrete patio should not pose any more of a risk than any other hard surface. Mechanically polished concrete is a high quality, strong surface which will stand up to rigours use. With proper maintenance, a polished concrete floor can last the lifetime of the building.

Using polished concrete to create a broken-plan living space between house and garden is an exciting way to add value to a home, and to make the most of your space. We will work alongside you to create a bespoke design that compliments the building’s style and utility. If considering a renovation or new build using exterior polished concrete, please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have. The earlier we become involved in a project, the simpler the job will be.

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Polished Concrete for Restaurants

Polished concrete has become popular as a flooring option across commercial spaces in the UK. Restaurants and bars have led this change, embracing polished concrete as a long term solution. The demands of the hospitality industry are both unique and intense. Even a small restaurant, accommodating an average number of covers, can see hundreds of people walking through their establishment every day. Add to that the abrasion caused by tables and chairs and it is clear that you need a tough, hard wearing floor.

Concrete is already a hard material, and the polishing process strengthens it further, making it suitable to meet these challenges. Polished concrete floors will also withstand the rigorous cleaning that is required, without sustaining damage. It can also cope with the salt, oil and strong cleaning agents commonly used in the hospitality industry.

Large Polished Concrete Floor Gold

A concrete floor can also help meet health and safety regulations. Despite the glossy appearance of polished concrete, it is a low slip surface. The sealant added to the concrete will help resist liquids, so spills can be mopped up quickly and efficiently. Provided spills are cleaned promptly there should be no staining or damage to the floor. Accidents can be prevented with little effort required.

The general upkeep costs are negligible when compared to cleaning a carpeted floor. Polished concrete can be dust mopped, and occasionally burnished, to prevent the finish becoming dull with use. Even in cases where the cost of polishing looks expensive, it is important to remember the savings that will be had over the lifetime of the floor, given the reduced maintenance requirements. Unlike wood, tiles, carpet or laminate, a concrete floor will last for the lifetime of the building. This means you need never run into the cost of replacing the floor.

Beyond the practical and utilitarian reasons for choosing polished concrete, there are the aesthetics. Concrete polishing can transform the entire look of a commercial space. With near limitless design options, we can create the perfect floor for any building. The concrete can be coloured. Matt, satin or gloss finishes can be achieved to meet design requirements. Decorative elements, such as coloured or glass aggregates can be added. Logos and brand identities can be dyed into the floor itself. All these options combine to provide a huge range of options. A polished concrete floor can be tailored to craft a unique space which will help any business stand out from the crowd.

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Polished Concrete for Retail Spaces

Polished concrete has increasingly become the material of choice for many retail and commercial applications. Traditionally, most retail outlets have used floor tiles, vinyl flooring or laminate flooring. All of these will break down over time. Worse still, they can look unclean and ragged as they do so, creating a poor impression however rigorously they are cleaned.

It is vital for any shop or store to create the right impression from the moment a customer sets foot inside. The pressures on brick and mortar retail are well documented. These have compounded the need to impress customers. Making a shop into a visually attractive, striking space helps turn it into a desirable location that people will want to visit and return to.

Polished concrete floors can offer a wide array of options, to fit with existing or planned interior design elements. The colour of the concrete can be altered, and the finish can be tailored to fit the needs of the store. Smaller areas often suit a matt or satin finish, as they can balance modern style with a comfortable appearance. Larger shops, such as department stores or showrooms, will often benefit from a premium, high gloss finish. This reflects light and can help to reduce the energy needs of the building. It can also be used to emphasise products, creating an immediate and impressive visual impact.

Beyond the aesthetic qualities of the floor, polished concrete is also hard wearing and will stand up to the demands of the retail sector. With regular maintenance, a polished concrete floor can cope with high volumes of foot traffic. It is also strong enough to take with mechanical traffic, such as forklifts.

Concrete is the foundational material of almost every buildings, high-street stores and shopping centres included. Polishing this concrete creates an attractive floor which can last for the lifetime of the building. Where the floor is not appropriate for polishing, due to damage or lack of depth, we can install an overlay floor. This bonds to the existing concrete and creates a polishable layer. An overlay can be placed in as little as 10mm depth.

There are almost limitless design options when selecting a polished concrete floor. Logos and branding can be dyed into the concrete. These designs will not wear away over time as the dye penetrates into the concrete itself, rather than sitting on the surface like decals or paint would.

A polished concrete floor is a fantastic addition to any shop, store or other commercial space. To find out more or to discuss a project with us, please call 01691 655 755 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Polished Concrete in Living Areas, Kitchens and Bathrooms

No longer the preserve of open-plan, warehouse sized spaces, polished concrete can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. Polished concrete is hardwearing, attractive and easy to clean. When used in residential properties it can compliment any decorative or design scheme. Here are a few of the key rooms we suggest polished concrete is suitable for.

Polished Concrete Living Areas

Having a polished concrete floor in the living area of a residential property can help to create a striking and attractive interior. It is most commonly used along with underfloor heating to ensure comfort and warmth even in the depths of winter. While it can be used to create a modern, almost industrial look, polished concrete can be softened with the addition of rugs and other textiles.

A neutral coloured concrete floor can be polished to a matt, satin or gloss finish. The last few years have seen a surge in matt grey floors, usually offset with boldly coloured furniture. In 2019 interiors are moving back towards earth tones, with muted sand, oatmeal and linen colours growing in popularity. A newly installed polished concrete floor can be tinted to suit the style of any interior, while existing concrete floors can be stained if they are not a suitable colour.

Modern Lounge Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Kitchen Floors

The kitchen has become a focus for interior design over the last ten years. While no one has ever doubted its importance, the kitchen has rarely been as central as it is seen today. For many families it is the room in which they cook, eat, work and share time together. Large open plan kitchens, complete with island and inductions hob, have become the must have feature for many homes.

Polished concrete floors make an ideal addition to any kitchen, small or large. The hard wearing surface will look attractive, resist stains and spills and provide a tough surface that will not need to be replaced over time. It has a contemporary look which will match well with modern design styles. Polished concrete floors are also non-slip surfaces, and are easy to clean and maintain. The floor can be paired with concrete countertops and sinks, helping to unify the different aspects of the kitchen.


Polished Concrete Bathroom Floors

The bathroom is a deeply personal space, which must combine its utility with a comfortable environment. Polished concrete, when sealed correctly, can withstand the water generated by showers, sinks and bathtubs. The increased humidity and moisture in bathrooms requires an impermeable sealer which will stop water penetrating the floor. However, with the correct expertise polished concrete can make an ideal wet room.

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Concrete Polishing for Residential Properties

Concrete has traditionally been seen as a utilitarian material. The word can conjure images of brutalist architecture. However, concrete has moved on from building such as the Barbican Centre or Habitat 67. Polished concrete floors are now a popular choice for many types of building. The polishing process was initially focussed on practicality. Polished concrete does not produce dust, and it causes far less wear on equipment and furniture. This has made it ideal for industrial and agricultural buildings.


Polished Concrete in your Home

Over the last ten years developments in concrete polishing have moved on apace and it is now a popular choice for residential properties. Polished concrete floors can be eye-catching and attractive, brightening up rooms and adding an exciting new dimension to buildings. It can be made to appear similar to matt grey, or it can be tinted with integral colouring agents. Specialist decorative elements, such as coloured glass, can be added to concrete floors.

Beyond the aesthetic qualities, polished concrete offers a variety of benefits. It works well with underfloor heating, as concrete conducts heat well. As the floor is comprised of nothing but the concrete flooring slab, there are no further barriers to heat distribution. It will also store warmth acquired from sunlight, recycling it as temperatures cool later in the day.

Polished concrete welshpool - barn conversion

What Options are Available?

We recommend that clients develop an idea of how they would like their polished concrete floor to look, as there are almost limitless design choices to make. Once the desired look has been decided upon, we can assist in finding the most suitable way of achieving it. Not every type of floor is available in every home. When polishing an existing floor, the design choices will be limited by the quality, colour and materials which are already present. There are still many options available, in terms of colour and finish.

For a new build, self-build or an extension, a new floor will need to be laid. This provides an opportunity for a wider range of design options. The finish, colour, aggregates and any other decorative options can be selected. It is important that we become involved in the build schedule as soon as possible. Concrete Polishing will either place the floor ourselves, or liaise with your building contractors to achieve the best results.

How to Learn More

To find out more about polished concrete it is best to contact us directly. We have experience polishing everything from environmentally minded self-builds to small kitchen or bathroom extensions. We can answer any questions and provide an estimate of what a project should cost. To help us make this quote as accurate as possible it is helpful for us to know:

  • What size the floor is, or will be
  • Whether this is a renovation, and extension or a new build
  • Where the project is situated
  • What stage the project is at
  • What kind of finish is desirable?
  • Any further details about the project which may be pertinent


To contact us, call us on 01691 655 755, or use the contact form at the bottom of the website.

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Polished Concrete Cost to Polish Concrete

Polished Concrete Cost

The first concern for most of our customers is how much it will the cost to polish a concrete floor. The best way for us to help you find the price for your floor is to speak to your directly. You can call our office on 01691 655 755 and we will provide a free quotation. You can also fill in our contact form at the bottom of our home page.

At Concrete Polishing we offer a high standard of polished concrete, using some of the most advanced technology on the market. We can offer a range of concrete floor finishes to fit your building. Each of these finishes can be offered in residential, retail, commercial and industrial properties. Our teams will complete the whole process, including both grinding and polishing. We use advanced Husqvarna Construction Products, which have state of the art functions, not seen elsewhere on the market. These machines are the key to creating attractive and long lasting floors.

The polished concrete cost per m² will depend on the concrete finish you require. We offer Rustic, Variable or Premium finishes. These can range from £30 – £85 per square metre, depending on the size of the floor and the quality of the concrete. The finishes we offer are also known as Husqvarna HiperFloor. Our staff have been certified by Husqvarna Construction Products as official Husqvarna HiperFloor installers. The following video shows an old painted concrete floor we transformed into a polished concrete floor.


We offer concrete polishing throughout the UK. We are based in Shropshire, which gives us easy access to areas such as Cheshire, Mid – North Wales, Merseyside, Midlands, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

We take pride in the service we offer, and we believe in using quality products to achieve the best possible results. Our concrete floor finishes include an application of Husqvarna HiperGuard, which protects the floor from stains and spills. It also which simplifies maintenance and cleaning, extending the lifespan of the floor. You can see the before and after pictures of a workshop we transformed in Oswestry, Shropshire.


For more pictures of polished concrete projects then visit our Gallery page.

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm if you wish to find out more or discuss future projects. We advise clients to call ahead and book an appointment to discuss their project, as key members of our team are often away from the office on site visits.

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Welcome to Concrete Polishing offers a range of polished concrete floors and surface preparation across the UK. Based in Oswestry, Shropshire we are on the border of surrounding areas such as Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Mid and North Wales.


Using top of the range Husqvarna concrete polishing tools we can offer a range of polished finishes known as HiPERFLOOR®. It is a complete concrete surface polishing system, which enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion resistance of concrete floors while reducing maintenance and costs.

The process can transform a range of new and old concrete floors. By mechanically refining the already hard concrete surface through grinding, polishing and chemical treatments, it can bring virtually any surface to a new level of beauty, functionality and strength. With different specified processes, a flooring solution can be tailored to fit any requirement – aesthetics, floor flatness, gloss and price.

The concrete polisher can offer three types of finish which are Industrial, Commercial or Premium finish which can be seen below. We can offer these finishes for residential, commercial or industrial areas.

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